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Welcome to Absayr Weddings - Where Dreams Unveil Their Happily Ever Afters!

At Absayr Weddings, we're more than just wedding planners; we're your trusted partners in crafting the perfect love story. With years of experience and a passion for wedding planning, we specialize in turning your wedding dreams into reality.

Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through every step of your journey, from selecting enchanting venues to curating exquisite decor and coordinating seamless ceremonies. We understand that every love story is unique, which is why we pride ourselves on creating tailored experiences that reflect your personality and style.

With Absayr Weddings, your special day becomes unforgettable celebration of love, filled with joy, laughter, and cherished moments. 

Let's embark on this beautiful adventure together!! 


What Exactly do we do?

Planning a wedding can be a formidable undertaking, especially when you're already juggling work, school, family commitments, or the general demands of life. Handling the myriad of tasks on your wedding checklist solo can be quite overwhelming.

That's precisely why turning to us could be a game-changing decision in your wedding planning journey. Our role is to shoulder a significant portion of the workload, allowing you to genuinely relish your engagement. If you're still uncertain about enlisting professional help for orchestrating your special day, it's essential to grasp our responsibilities to make an informed choice about engaging our services.

The Absayr wedding planners team is dedicated to helping you "save money, time, energy, and alleviate stress." To put it simply, we offer an invaluable resource that justifies every cent you invest.

Our Mission and Vision Statements


To present  exceptional and extraordinary wedding planning and coordinating services for all our clients.


To be the most preferred wedding planner in Ethiopia!! 


Big moments and 

A lifetime of happiness.

Meet The Team

Crafting your dream wedding, one detail at a time. Meet your dedicated wedding planning team.

Eyoel Aklilu (Captain)
Eyoel Aklilu (Captain)Founder
Mesfin Zebene
Mesfin ZebeneGeneral Manager
+251 90 495 7499
Deborah Getachew
Deborah GetachewVice General Mnanager
+251 91 240 6308
 Creating Unforgettable Extraordinary  Fairytale Memories

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Welo Sefer, in front of Tebaber Berta Building
4th Floor, Office No: 406
Phone: +251946121314 | +251947121314
Email: Info@absayrweddings.com
Website: absayrweddings.com

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