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Full-service wedding planning

Full-service wedding planning: Let us handle every detail of your special day, from venue selection to floral arrangements, ensuring a stress-free and memorable celebration. Our expert team will bring your dream wedding to life, leaving you to savor every moment.

Partial-service wedding planning

Our partial-service wedding planning offers couples a flexible and customized approach to wedding coordination. Tailored to meet specific needs. We will allow you to retain control over certain aspects of your wedding while benefiting from professional assistance in key areas. 

A day-of wedding coordination

Our Day-of Wedding Coordination service ensures that your special day runs seamlessly. Our experienced coordinators step in on the day of your wedding to manage all the details, allowing you to focus on the joy of the moment. From coordinating vendors to overseeing the timeline, we handle it all, ensuring your celebration unfolds effortlessly.


Our wedding planners listen closely to every detail of your wedding vision and your unique requirements. We view ourselves as your partners and care only about what YOU want.


Our budget-friendly wedding planning service offers a one-stop solution for affordable yet elegant celebrations. From vendor recommendations to cost-saving tips.


Plan your dream wedding with ease and accessibility in mind! Our wedding planning platform is designed to be inclusive, offering features that cater to diverse needs and abilities. 

Full and Partial Wedding Planning

We provide comprehensive wedding planning services for couples starting from scratch, assisting in finding the perfect venue and selecting their vendors.

Additionally, we offer partial wedding planning options for couples who may already have their venue but need assistance with everything else or seek some additional support.


Day of Wedding Coordination stands as one of our most sought-after services. Designed for couples who have meticulously planned their wedding but want to savor every moment without being burdened by tasks on their special day.

Our meticulous and organized wedding coordinators engage with you 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding, ensuring a comprehensive review from start to finish. 


Creation and management of your wedding budget.

Décor Styling

Selection and vendor


Selection & coordination of DJs,
Bands and Musicians


Handling your detailed itinerary, seating plan and setup instructions.

Venue Selection

 Selection and vendor 


Bringing your bridal beauty look to the top of the list


Handling your Limos, Limo buses, Coaches and Shuttles


Leading the rehearsal for you

Photo & Video

Capturing all the memories of your Big day


Crafting what’s on the menu for your big day.


Reserving your Wedding Hall and Rooms

Onsite Management

Onsite management throughout the wedding day


Wedding Audit

A complete top-to-bottom review of all your contracts and plans

Seating Plans

A clear understanding of your seating wishes for the day

Unlimited Access

To your wedding planner in the weeks leading up to the wedding

Onsite Management

There throughout the wedding day so everything goes well

Detailed Itinerary

A comprehensive outline of how the day will unfold

Vendor Confirmations

We contact the vendors in advance to confirm all the details


Coordination of bridal party and guest transportation

Emergency Help

Last-minute problems arise out of nowhere? We’re here to help!

Setup List

Detailed instructions for every item coming to personalize your wedding

Onsite Setup

We help put out place cards, favours, menus, programs, etc.


We are present and able to conduct your rehearsal for you


Additional certified planners are available for larger weddings.


Pricing for our wedding planning services is not fixed and can vary based on several key factors that tailor the experience to your unique needs and preferences. These factors include:

  1. Size of the Wedding: The number of guests, the complexity of the event, and the scale of your wedding play a significant role in determining the price. Larger weddings with more intricate details may require more time and resources, impacting the cost.

  2. Location: The geographical location of your wedding is a crucial factor. Costs can differ significantly between urban and rural areas, as well as between different regions or countries.

  3. Time of Year: Wedding seasonality matters. Popular wedding months and dates may come with higher demand for venues and vendors, potentially affecting pricing. Off-peak seasons might offer more cost-effective options.

  4. Day of the Week: The day you choose for your wedding can also influence pricing. Weekend weddings, especially on Saturdays, are often in higher demand and may come with higher costs compared to weekday or Sunday weddings.

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